The accredited technicians at Beverley Motor Works are able to reset condition based servicing systems using dealer level diagnostic equipment, with also the ability to write the service history into the vehicle and also update the BMW online system. 

What is Condition Based Servicing? 

Condition-based servicing (CBS) for cars is a maintenance approach that focuses on servicing a vehicle based on its actual condition rather than relying solely on predetermined service intervals. Instead of following a fixed schedule, CBS takes into account various factors such as mileage, engine operating conditions, driving style, and data collected from sensors and diagnostic systems to determine when maintenance or repairs are necessary. 
Introduced in 2002 to coincide with the launch of the then new 7 series model, Condition Based Servicing is now a standard feature on most new BMW models. An evolution of BMW's service indicator system, condition based servicing aims to create a flexible but economical maintenance schedule. 

The benefits of condition-based servicing 

CBS helps optimise maintenance costs by avoiding unnecessary or premature servicing. Since maintenance is performed based on the actual condition of the vehicle, it reduces the likelihood of replacing parts or performing services before they are truly needed. 
Improved reliability 
By monitoring the condition of critical components and systems, CBS helps detect potential issues early on. This enables proactive maintenance and repairs, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and enhancing overall reliability. 
Enhanced performance 
Regularly monitoring and maintaining a vehicle based on its condition ensures optimal performance. This can result in improved fuel efficiency, better handling, and overall smoother operation of the vehicle. 
Personalised maintenance 
CBS takes into account individual driving patterns and conditions, allowing for personalised maintenance plans. This means that vehicles subjected to more severe driving conditions may receive more frequent servicing, while those under less demanding conditions may require fewer visits to the workshop. 
Extended lifespan 
By addressing maintenance needs promptly and accurately, CBS can help extend the lifespan of a vehicle. Regular inspections and timely repairs prevent small issues from developing into major problems, leading to a longer and healthier life for the car. 
Safety enhancement 
Keeping a vehicle in optimal condition through CBS ensures that critical safety systems, such as brakes, tires, and suspension, are regularly inspected and maintained. This helps minimise the risk of accidents or malfunctions due to neglected maintenance. 

Overall, condition-based servicing offers a more tailored and efficient approach to vehicle maintenance, leading to cost savings, improved reliability, better performance, and increased safety. 

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