It is common for many people who see a dashboard warning light, give the engine a re-boot and it goes away and when it happens every time the car is started, it’s a slight annoyance, rather a genuine concern. The pesky lights get shrugged off and people carry on driving as normal. If you don’t notice anything wrong with the car then the warning light is probably wrong… right? 
The truth is that modern cars are extremely intelligent, and choosing to ignore what they tell you can be detrimental, not only to your car but also to your own safety and your wallet. 
All cars have a complex array of sensors and features that monitor the vehicle and the technology in the majority of modern cars is sophisticated enough to accurately keep track of almost every aspect of the car. No matter how long you leave it, a warning light probably means that you’re going to have to visit the garage at some point, but biting the bullet sooner rather than later will save you money, inconvenience and, in extreme cases, even your life. 
By not waiting until you finally break down in the middle of nowhere, you save yourself the cost of a recovery service and the hassle of being stranded by the side of the road, and paying attention to red dashboard lights, such as the brake system alert or airbag warning, could make the difference between a quick trip to the supermarket and a trip to A&E. 
It can seem like a huge inconvenience but getting the dashboard warning lights checked out as soon as possible will save you an even greater inconvenience in the long run. Even in the unlikely event that your car’s monitoring system is wrong; you still need to address the error notification in case of a serious problem. 
To find out what each dashboard light means, consult your car’s owner manual. If you can’t find this, a quick Google search will be able to help you out, with multiple guides on dashboard warning lights that will no doubt help you work out what’s wrong. In any case, any of the professionals that work at Beverley Motor Works will be able to assist and take care of your car, ensuring that you get back on the road safely and quickly. 
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