Now that the weather is getting colder and wetter, we want to make sure you know what to do in the case that you hit a nasty pothole... 


If you hit a pothole, check the key areas of your car; tyres, wheels, exhaust and suspension. As the main part of your car that touches the road, your tyres can easily get damaged upon impact and you may need specialist repairs. The hard surface of a pothole can cause further damage to your wheel by scraping the rim or bending, chipping and cracking the wheel. 
Exhaust pipes underneath the car are easily exposed to the damage of potholes, and therefore more likely to be scraped and dented. If you start to hear unhealthy noises coming from your car, there may be a hole in your exhaust. If unchecked, a leaky pipe can pose a dangerous health hazard by letting exhaust fumes escape into the car. 
You might not notice how urgently your suspension needs checking out after hitting a pothole until your steering wheel is off centre due to being bent out of alignment. You can cause greater damage and unsafe driving if you choose to ignore it as your car can start to pull in one direction, so ensure you see a qualified and trained mechanic if this is the case. Beverley Motor Works can take a look at the damage and give mechanical and electrical repairs, so book an appointment online


You need to report the pothole to your local council so they are aware of it and can arrange repairs to prevent other accidents. Then you’ll need to write again to the council who is responsible for the road you hit the pothole on, this time refer to notes you’ve taken about the incident such as quotes from service repairs, invoices and receipts. 
After you’ve made your claim, the cost of your repairs may be covered, but you should note that the relevant highway authority do have a defence in that they can’t be held responsible for a pothole they knew nothing about. That’s why it’s important to report potholes. 
Speak to your insurance company if the cost of repairs are more expensive than you expected to see if you can claim it back. 
Get in touch with us by booking an appointment online at Beverley Motor Works so our qualified and trained mechanics can take a look at any damage your car has sustained from a pothole. 
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