The last thing you need going into the hotter months is for your air con to fail. Fortunately, if your air conditioning suddenly stops working and functioning as normal, the problem can usually be quickly and easily resolved with an air-con regas. 
Air-con regassing is when the old refrigerant gas from your air conditioning system is removed and replaced with a new refrigerant to allow your air con can to run cold again and keep your interior cool. However, problems with your vehicle's air conditioning system might not be sudden, as naturally without regular maintenance it can become more ineffective over time. 
Air con regas should be the first thing you look into if your air-con system isn’t blowing as cold as it should or doesn't feel any different to when your air con is turned off. The entire process is straightforward and should take our specialists no longer than an hour to repair, but if the issue is caused by something else we will be able to advise on the next steps. 
Having an ill-functioning air con system puts extra pressure on your engine, especially when it comes to demisting the windows in the winter. Avoid using more fuel on your air con by getting it checked out by Beverley Motor Works today. Call 01482 881128 or book online now
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