In the modern automotive landscape, the convenience of keyless entry systems has been shadowed by the rise in sophisticated vehicle thefts. Keyless car theft, often referred to as 'relay theft', poses a significant risk to vehicle owners. 

The Growing Concern of Keyless Car Theft 

Recent statistics have illuminated the escalating issue of keyless car theft. According to a report by What Car?, vehicles with keyless entry systems are increasingly being targeted by thieves.  
There was a 24.9% year-on-year increase in the number of vehicles stolen across England and Wales, according to new data published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS)
Analysis shows that there were 130,389 vehicles stolen last year, compared to 104,435 during the previous year (2021), with a substantial number involving keyless theft. 

How Keyless Car Theft Works 

Keyless car theft, or relay theft, involves two criminals working together with electronic signal relay devices. One thief stands near the car while the other positions themselves close to where the car key is stored, often outside the victim's home. The device in the thief's possession near the house picks up the signal from the key fob and relays it to the second device near the vehicle. This tricks the car into thinking the key is present, allowing the thieves to unlock it and drive away. The entire process can be completed in mere seconds, making it a silent yet highly effective method of stealing vehicles. 

Protecting Your Vehicle from Relay Theft 

There are several measures vehicle owners can take to protect against keyless car theft: 

Signal Blocking Pouches 

Store key fobs in Faraday pouches that block signals when not in use. 

Physical Barriers 

Use steering wheel locks, driveway parking posts, or wheel clamps to deter thieves. 

Secure Parking 

Park in well-lit areas or secure garages where possible. 

Software Updates 

Regularly update your vehicle's software, as manufacturers often release updates to improve security. 

The Role of Autowatch Ghost-II CANbus Immobiliser in Vehicle Security 

To enhance vehicle protection, Beverley Motor Works offers the installation of the Autowatch Ghost-II CANbus Immobiliser. This advanced system requires a unique starting sequence, making it impossible for thieves to start your vehicle even if they manage to enter it. It’s a discreet yet powerful addition to your vehicle’s security arsenal. 
The threat posed by keyless car theft is real and growing. However, by understanding how relay theft works and taking proactive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of your vehicle being targeted. For those seeking an additional layer of security, the Autowatch Ghost-II CANbus Immobiliser installed by Beverley Motor Works offers an effective solution. Protecting your vehicle is not just about preventing loss; it's about peace of mind. 
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