For Beverley Motor Works’ customers who have a classic, luxury, sports or weekend car, it is crucial you know how to store it properly over the winter. Without the proper care, winter hibernation for your car can do just as much damage as driving and running it in freezing temperatures. Here’s how to ensure your car is in the best condition for spring. 

Clean & Cover It 

Before you store your car away for the winter months, make sure to give it a thorough clean inside and out. This will prevent dirt and grime from damaging the paintwork. Using a car cover will help to safeguard and protect your car’s exterior for longer while preserving the finish. Even if you store your car indoors, using a car cover will keep out moisture. 


If you have choice in where you can park, it is best to store your car indoors, otherwise street parking with a car cover will keep your car protected. When parking on a driveway or street, try to fin level ground in the open. If you are storing your car indoors, choose a clean, dry garage or storage facility to avoid damp air causing rust.. 

General Maintenance 

Before storing your car away, make some general maintenance checks to keep your car secure and ready for use again. Ensure it has enough fuel to limit condensation in the fuel tank, check your oil, tyres and other fluids, and make note to run the engine every couple of weeks to prevent the battery from running flat. 
You can also make use of Beverley Motor Works’ free seasonal check to make sure your car won’t let you down. Book online here
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