With summer here and travel restrictions in most areas lifted within the country, many families are looking to enjoy a caravan holiday in UK holiday parks near stunning coastal locations. It is therefore essential to ensure you have performed vital safety checks before towing your caravan. 

Basic Checks 

Unless you pack lightly, taking the whole family on holiday means lots of luggage, but it is important you don’t overload the car or caravan. The overall weight of the loaded caravan must remain within the limit of your car’s towing ability, and you must ensure the combined weight of both the loaded car and loaded caravan is below the maximum ‘train’ weight for your car. 

Know How To Manoeuvre 

Driving with the additional weight and length of a caravan means the way you drive will be different to normal. Allow yourself ample room to turn and reverse so the caravan follows you through cleanly. You will have to drive further past a corner than usual, and slightly delay the turning. Check your mirrors frequently. 

Be Aware of the Driving Conditions 

Even after taking all the necessary preparations for towing your caravan, it can be made even more difficult when faced with horrible driving conditions as we know British weather can change quickly. Strong rain, strong winds, standing rainwater, and passing HGVs and vans at high speeds can all contribute to your caravan swaying and swerving dangerously on the roads. Make sure to pay extra attention to your tyre pressure and driving lights on both your car and caravan. 
Take advantage of a free seasonal check at Beverley Motor Works to ensure your vehicle won’t let you down this summer. Call 01482 881128 today. 
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