Why not have your own personal cinema? 

BMW i7 All Electric Luxury 

The new BMW i7 is certainly one of the flagship models for the BMW Electric range alongside the iX, but does it live up to the hype? 
After spending time looking around and driving the new BMW i7 the answer is a straight Yes!  
The BMW 7 series has always been the model with the most luxury in the BMW family showcasing new technology and if you wanted the flagship model the 7 is the one. With the new Electric age of vehicles we are now seeing the unbelivable extras/tech that is on offer and will be coming with all new BMW models. The highlights of the i7 after getting over the price is the pure luxury, in the rear of the vehicle with a 31" TV which folds down from the roof which turns the rear of the car into a private cinema or video game arcade with full touchscreen and 8k you really are in a world of your own. The BMW i7 is packed to the rafters with new features maybe in some areas a little to much from our point of view tech is a great development but not if it overcomplicates, for example the heating and ventilation controls are all on the front touch screen meaning no ease of us for either driver or passenger.  
Talking about the BMW i7 with a few fellow enthusiasts the general concensous was for a full electric luxury motor it is one of, if not the best in its class competing against Mercedes and Audi, so when it comes to all electric one of the first questions is the range of charge, the BMW i7 official range is 388 as we all know the actual range will not be acheived in normal driving conditions we managed 300 mile range before needing to recharge that was mainly motorway driving, still impressive though compared to other models. 
In conclusion we highly recommend the BMW i7 pure luxury, a fantatstic addition to the brand prices start from £113,970 - £147,870. 
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